AStA-Newsletter 01/2018

We, the AStA of the HfMT, compiled this newsletter for you in which you will find a lot of general and practical information and announcements for our latest events. Have fun!


DKMS-Registration-Initiative on 25 January 2018

On the last Thursday of January we will start a campaign in order to fight leukaemia. In cooperation with DKMS we invite you to register as stem cell donor. There will be a typification between 1:00 and 4:00 pm.

Around 3.000 patients with leukaemia in Germany wait for stem cell donation, only 30 % find a donor within family. DKMS wants to give every patient the opportunity to survive.

Join in and become a lifesaver!
More details here.

AStA Party on 13 April 2018

At the beginning of each semester there is an AStA Party to meet the new students and party together. The next party will take place on 13 April 2018.

MusicMovement on 24 November 2017

The event "MusicMovement" combines the two main parts of our Hochschule (Conservatory): Dance and Music! Even though we are a conservatory of Music and Dance, due to the distance between the two campuses, we hear very little of each other. This event is a perfect opportunity to get in contact with each other, to demonstrate your skills or just to have a good time. So come along! The date of the next MusicMovement will be published soon.

Further events

Since the summer semester 2017 we developed a calendar for events. You can find the calendar in the showcase at the main entrance in the foyer. Here you will see our weekly events, courses, free concert tickets and a lot more. You can also join us on Facebook or our homepage.

Free AStA courses


From the 15.12. 2017 there will be a Feldenkrais-Course every friday at 8:45 in room 114 under the direction of Eglantine Latil. She writes this:

"Learning to better perceive my body, to become aware of my movements and how I use my body, has helped me a lot for practising my Cello and playing music as in my daily life. The Feldenkrais-method is particularly suitable for musicians and can bring more ease in their movements and posture. I want to share my enthusiasm for this method, therefore I'll offer a Feldenkrais-Course. All students of the HfMT are cordially invited to join the course. Looking forward to discover the method with you!"



In the next semester there will be a Tango-course again. It's expected to take place on Thursday in the evening. Detailed information therefore will follow later on our Facebook-page  or in the AStA showcase.

If you have any ideas for new AStA courses or if you'd like to offer your own,
just report to

Tickets for the Philharmonie

Also, there are free tickets for the Philharmonie. More detailed information can be found in the calendar in the AStA showcase right at the main entrance of the foyer. If you want to stay informed digitally, follow us on Facebook.

AStA newspaper

In January 2018 we will publish a new edition of our AStA-Newspaper. You'll get it for free in the foyer. For this edition we already have enough articles, but if you have ideas for articles there will be the possibility in the next edition in summer. Please send your ideas to

Any questions?

If there are any questions left, contact us via e-mail (, come to our office hours, visit our weekly meetings or talk to us! You are always welcome and we like to hear your ideas, questions and requests!

yours AStA.